The Electric Caver

The Electric Caver is the Greater Cincinnati Grotto's monthly newsletter. It is sent out to all members, twelve months of the year, and/or can be picked up at the meeting each month, if ready. Complimentary copies may also be available for visitors at the meetings each month, held on the first Friday of each month at the Corryville Recreation Center. (See the calendar for details.)

Correspondence and submissions should be sent to the Electric Caver Editor. Material may be used by other caving organizations, if credit is given to the author. Contributions may be emailed to the editor, as listed in the directory.

Guidelines for Submission
When submitting photographs that are related to your article (an activity that is highly encouraged), please reduce the resolution to internet quality (72 dpi and 900 pixels or less on the long side dimension) and include them with your article. Alternatively, if you only have paper photos, you can send them to the editor for scanning. Paper photos will be returned to you.

Editorial Policies
The Editor reserves the right to edit any and all submissions for length, clarity, style, and/or content. Except in acceptable situations, vulgarities will be removed, as will cave locations. The Editor recognizes the political nature of any organization and, although she/he does not condone it, they will continue to print opinion pieces on the political state of the grotto. The Editor does, however, discourage such submissions. Personal attack articles will not be printed.

When possible, the Editor will return edited material for the writer's approval.

When submitting photographs, please be sure to include the name of the photographer, as well as those whose faces appear in the photograph. The Editor would like to insure that all people who submit work also receive credit. Photographs and written works will be printed anonymously by request and with previous-approval only.