About GCG

The Greater Cincinnati Grotto is one of more than 162 local chapters of the National Speleological Society (NSS) spread throughout the country. It's purpose is to advance the study, conservation, exploration and knowledge of caves.

Greater Cincinnati Grotto (GCG) is generally involved and concerned with caves and issues in our caving area (Kentucky and Indiana). But our interests and concerns are not limited to these areas. Both the NSS and GCG actively promote conservation of caves and also are involved in teaching and promoting safe caving.

All members pledge to protect the historical, geological and biological treasures found underground. We try to do nothing that would deface or spoil the natural beauty and life forms found in caves, we further attempt to involve all cavers from the local community in the Grotto and spread the message of conservation.

Greater Cincinnati Grotto publishes a monthly newsletter, the Electric Caver. It includes news and information about Grotto activities, trip reports, future trips-that are planned and much more. The Electric Caver is sent to all grotto members, as well as given to guests at our regular meetings.