Closed Cave List

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Bat Hibernaculum - Seasonal Closures (Sept 15 - Apr 15)

All hibernating bats are endangered by winter caving, not just the "official" species, so do bats a favor - if you see bats roosting no matter which cave you're in, quietly turn around and exit the cave.

Pulaski Co, KY

Wells Cave

Sloan's Valley Cave, Minton Hollow entrance

Wind Cave

Blowing Cave

Stykes Cave

Rockcastle Co, KY

Across The Road Cave

Climax Cave

Humongous Canyon Cave

Mullins Spring Cave left side

Goochland Cave

Waterfall Cave

Teamers Cave

Smokehole Cave

Millers Pit II Cave

Jackson Co, KY

Bowman Saltpetre Cave

John Griffen Cave

John Henry Cave

Wind Cave

1813 Cave

Land Owner Closures - Permanent, until further notice

Crooked Creek Ice Cave (CCIC) - Rockcastle Co, KY

Hardin Baker - Rockcastle Co, KY

Great Rock Sink - Pulaski Co, KY

Artesian - Rockcastle Co, KY


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