New Member Information

General Requirements:  Membership in this Grotto is open to all individuals demonstrating an interest in the objectives of the Grotto and agreeing to abide by its tenets.  Membership shall not be denied due to race, sex, religious affiliation, or national origin.  To demonstrate his/her interest, a prospective member should:

 A.  Submit to the membership Committee a written application to be filed for later consideration upon the applicant’s completion of all other membership requirements.
B.  Go caving at least one time with a Grotto member.
C.  Attend at least two out of three consecutive general  meetings of the Grotto.
D.  Be approved by simple majority of votes of the executive  board.
The executive Committee shall have the option to waive by majority vote of the Committee members one or more of the foregoing requisites.

Full Grotto Member.  Any person who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, who has paid current dues to both this Grotto and the National Speleological Society and has fulfilled all membership requirements shall be a Full Grotto Member.  A Full Grotto Member is entitled to all membership, privileges, and benefits including without limitation:

A.  the right to vote;
B.  the right to hold office as trustee, executive committee member, or officer;
C   the right to use Grotto equipment; and
D.  the right to receive all currently issued Grotto publications.

Associate Member.  Any person who has paid current dues to this Grotto but not to the National Speleological Society and who has fulfilled all other membership requirements shall be an Associate Member.  An Associate Member shall be entitled to receive all currently issued Grotto publications and any other benefits that the Executive Committee may from time to time consider appropriate.